"Colors are good for the soul" is the guiding inspiration behind the work of artist Ellen Håkensen Faris.  She combines elements of graphic design, photography and digital technology to create stunning pieces that feature bright and vivid colors.  Through digital art and painting she is able to freely express her love of the full color spectrum without restriction.

Each piece begins with one of her own photographs and is then transformed into a graphic image on the computer.  For her paintings, the image is then freehand-drawn and painted onto a blank canvas.

Ellen studied art and graphic design at California College of the Arts and UC Berkeley and is the owner of Design Plus, a creative design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ellen is now semi retired from her graphic business and is mostly enjoying her passion of painting.

A native of Norway, her work is greatly influenced by and includes the landscape and lifestyle of the country. Ellen spends several months in Norway each year at her home on the edge of the sea.  She enjoys hiking in the mountains as well as exploring the coastline in her kayak. Many of her paintings reflect the seaside life outside her door.

Ellen signs all her work with a dot!

Member: Nordic5Arts • ArtsBenicia

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